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describe the imageHandling, Moving, and Restraining Dogs in Stressful Environments, 
Part 1: A Workshop on Essential Exercises with Special Techniques for
Medium and Large Dogs

What Will You Learn?

In this workshop DVD consisting of two lab sessions, you’ll learn how to confidently handle large and medium dogs, even dogs who are hyperactive, fearful or reactive. The workshop covers the importance of providing clear direction and guidance to dogs. You’ll participate in exercises on how to properly get dogs from place to place, how to position dogs safely for restraint, how to properly approach and move around fearful or aggressive dogs, how to control movement in all 6 directions, which common neck hold can put you at risk if done improperly, how to control a dog’s head safely and more.

You’ll learn a variety of restraint positions, and the importance of choosing the right technique and adjusting your handling based on the situation, the individual dog, and his responses to you. You’ll also learn the importance of how to get into a particular restraint hold safely and efficiently. In just under 3 hours you’ll have a whole new perspective on handling dogs and a new set of skills.

What’s On the DVD?

Lab 1: (1 hour 38 minutes ): Essential Exercises for Moving Dogs From Place to Place

Major Points:

• Human-only exercises to illustrate how subtle differences in posture, speed and direction of movement dramatically affect the ability to provide clear direction

• The importance of appropriate walking speed and clear movement

• Holding the leash correctly

• U-turns and about-turns

• Stopping with correct body cues

• Maintaining a loose leash

• Speeding up to provide direction

• Positioning dogs correctly with changes of side—front crossover, rear crossover with simultaneous direction change

Lab 2: (1 hour and 9 minutes): Handling and Restraining Medium-sized and Large Dogs with Skill and Ease

Major Points:

• Safely getting into position to restrain a dog

• Controlling movement in all 6 directions

• Minimal restraint for standing dogs

• Three methods for stand to sit

• Three head restraints and the difference in stability

• Minimal restraint with a leash muzzle or Gentle Leader Head collar

• Four different methods of restraint for blood draw—standing for lateral saphenous, sitting for jugular, sitting for cephalic

• Two methods for holding off the cephalic, and one to avoid

• Technique for a smooth standing to lateral transition

Part 2: Available June/July 2014