Poster/Handout Translation Information

Thank you for your interest in translating Dr. Yin’s products.

Requirements for Translation:

  1. Check the Translated Poster blog to see if the poster has already been translated to your language.  If your language is not listed in that blog, then it has not yet been translated.
  2. The translated poster/handout will contain CattleDog's logo but will appropriately credit you for your work
  3. Write the translation in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word (preferred). Keep the English version and make sure it is clear what translated line goes with which English line.
  4. Include on the poster/handout who it is translated by and the language.
  5. The poster/handout must be approved by CattleDog Publishing staff before it can be posted.
  6. Once the poster/handout is approved, a copy can be posted on your own website.

 Example of translated poster:

translated poster

You will need to download the English version of the poster/handout and make the changes to the .PDF.  To download the English versions to translate, go to:


Kitten Socialization Chart

Body Language of Fear in Dogs Poster (must use updated version with the GREEN background)

Body Language of Feline Anxiety Poster

How to Greet a Dog Poster

Learn to Earn Program Poster

Operant Conditioning Poster

Body Condition System Poster

How Kids Should and Should Not Interact with Dogs Poster

Dog Park Etiquette Poster

Canine Bite Levels Poster

7 Things All Dogs Need

Puppy Socialization Checklist


Approval of Translation:

After the poster has been translated (and you've double checked that it meets ALL requirements), email it to for approval. Once you receive approval, you can post it on your own website, with a link back to We will also post your translated poster on the appropriate blog.


For the complete set of requirements and instructions, fill out the form to the right.